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Dive Damai‚Äôs newest vessel, MY DAMAI II was constructed in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi by Pak Hadji Baso. Pak Hadji Baso is one of the most respected master boat builders in the traditional Indonesian boat building comunity of Bira and was also the builder of Dive Damai's first vessel, MY DAMAI I. MY DAMAI II has a deck length of 40 meters and a beam of 9 meters at its widest point. It has been built to an uncompromising standard and fitted out with all the latest diving, navigation and safety equipment to ensure that the level of service appreciated on our first vessel is maintained and, where possible, improved upon. The new vessel is slightly larger than the first ensuring three large outside deck areas with an outside dining facility, our famous massage and spa treatment area and plenty of extra lounging and sunbathing space. The crew to passenger ratio will be the same as our first vessel and we hope the new systems will ensure an even more enjoyable cruise for both our returning and new guests. The below deck accommodation has been designed to accommodate single or twin occupants in a level of luxury not seen on another vessel in Indonesia. Each cabin boasts a private shower and head with a queen-size bed and a separate day bed. The cabins measure approximately 20sq.mts  (225 sq.ft) each and have been finished with the highest quality furnishings. The stern staterooms are over 400 sq.ft each and boast their own private deck with loungers, a super-king size bed, day beds, two desks and ensuite shower and separate head. The dive systems have been made even more accommodating on the new vessel. The dive station is larger and is served by large individuals rinse tanks. The camera room has been enlarged also. The 4 diver to 1 guide ratio that our customers enjoy so much on the MY DAMAI I has, of course, been maintained and we have added 2 custom designed high speed tender boats.








Liveaboard Damai 2 deck plan



Keel - Iron wood 30 cm x 32 cm (Double)

Hull Plank - 1 mtr from Keel - Iron wood - thickness = 10 cm

1 mtr Up - Iron wood - thickness = 8 cm

Frame - Kayu Biti and Nyamplung - 15 cm x 20 cm

Bolting - Under water area - Stainless (Aprox.6000 pcs}

Above water area - Stainless (Aprox. 5000 pcs)

Cross beam - Main and below cabin Deck - Iron wood 15 cm x 20 cm

Super structure - Iron wood 7 cm x 8 cm Bolting - SS 306 5/18 x 21/2 (Aprox.1200 pcs)

Deck Plank - First Layer - Marine Multiplex 120 mm

Intermediate layer - Sicaflex Top Layer - Teak wood 4 cm

Screwed with Galvanized Self Tapping screw (10x21/2)

Superstructure - Post - Nyamplung wood 10 cm x 15 cm

Biti wood 10 cm x 15 cm

Cross beam - Iron wood 7 cm x 8 cm Iron wood 8 cm x 12 cm

Wall - Multiplex (120 mm)

Yumen Board insulation sound and fire proof Teak wood (200 mm)


Main Engine: 1 x Mitsubishi 10M20-OA - 640 Hp serial

Gear Box - Twin Disc type: MGH 56 BLX-1

Auxiliary Engine : 3 x Mitsubishi M4D33P Generator 60 Kva synchronised

Compressor 1 unit Dive Compressor Poseidon PE-200

1 unit Dive Compressor C.A.T.230

1 unit Nitrox type Atlas Copco

Fuel Filters - Primary filter - Racor

Secondary filter - Racor

Pumps 2 unit Sea water pumps for toilet flush (Lakoni-Italy)

2 unit Fresh water pumps(Sannyo)

3 unit GS pumps 1 unit submersible pump for bilge ( Nocchi-Italy)

1 unit fuel transfer pump.(Taiko-Japan)


Fuel tanks - 4 units @ 5000 ltrs capacity

Fresh water tank - 1 unit @ 10.000 ltr capacity

Fuel daily tank - 1 unit @ 1.000 ltr capacity

Gray tank - 1 unit @ 600 ltr capacityBlack tank - 1 unit @ 600 ltr capacity


Echo sounder & GPS plotter - GP 1650F

Radar FURUNO (36NM) - F1832

Standard Compass - Toyo Keiki

HV Radio - Furuno M 710

VHF Radio -2 units - Furuno M 304

Electronic Chart - Maxi (ver 10.02)


Fire man out Fit with breathing apparatus. - 1 unit

CO2 portable (6Kg) - 6 unit

CO2 portable (4Kg) - 2 unit

Foam portable (9Kg) - 4 unit

Bompet (foam automatic applicator) - 7 unit

Fix Hydrant with hose and nozzle - 2 unit

Life Raft (Capacity 20 persons) - 3 unit

Life Jacket - 35 unit

Throwing line Apparatus - 1 set

Pyrotechnics - 2 set

EPIRB - 1 unit

Life Ring - 8 unit

MOB beacon. - 2 unit



The waters of Nusa Tenggara timur are a constant source of surprises. The Indonesian government has recently agreed to protect them in order to secure a safe route for migrating cetaceans which pass through the straits on their migration to the feeding grounds in the deep waters of the Banda Sea. The muck dive in the bay of Beangabang, the always fishy Alor Kecil, Rhinopias at Pulau Pura or the colourful walls of Pulau Reta are some of the highlights of this area, as complete as any in the world: mammals, big fish or small invertebrates. All in one!!


This remote area in West Papua offers a some of the most unique tribe encounter experiences in the world. this "suprisingily welcoming" ex-head hunters will share with us thier way of life, show us the richness of their culture and their world reknown wood carving work. one of the few authentic experiences left.


The beautiful island of Bali is not only full of topside wonders but also amazing underwater treasures. Bali boasts great macro diving in the north and the annual season for Mola Mola sightings off Nusa Penida in the south. The USAT LIberty, off the coast of Tulamben in the north east, is one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world offering amazing wide angle and macro opportunities.


Located between the much publicized Raja Ampat islands to the north and the venerable Komodo islands to the south, the Banda Sea is an exciting outpost that offers some of the most unique diving adventures to be found in the Indo-Pacific regions.


Distant volcanic islands and sea mounts rise from the depths offering superb wall diving and boundless marine life. The historically significant island of Banda Neira, once the center of the Dutch/Portuguese Spice Trade dating back to the early 1600s, is now a virtually inaccessible outpost offering amazing macro subjects and encounters with the rare mandarin fish demonstrating their lively mating rituals.


A jewel in the crown of the Banda Sea lies further south at Gunung Api. Pristine reefs, caves and walls, seas populated by hundreds of sea snakes and an excellent chance of sighting schools of elusive Hammerheads. The Banda Sea, an ocean oasis of indescribable beauty and biodiversity


Cenderawasih Bay National Marine Park is one of Indonesia's newest and most exciting diving destinations and DAMAI is one of the most experienced operators here. In fact one of the original survey trips was undertaken from the decks of Damai 1 and our staff have many months working in this challenging and remote location.


The biggest draw for many people is the unique opportunity of spending hours diving with multiple Whale Sharks and we regularly see 5 or more around the local fishing platforms in only a few meters of water. However the area also boasts an incredibly rich history from the many battles between Allied and Japanese forces in the area during WWII and the area is littered with divable wrecks of aircraft and ships.


Finally there are the unique biological aspects of the bay. Geologically the area has been isolated for many millions of years and as a result many unique and endemic species have developed. Fish and creature watchers will be delighted by many species that they will have never seen before.


Here, in the north of Sulawesi, amazing limestone cliffs plunge directly into the sea and continue underwater with breathtaking vertical walls. There are also photogenic overhangs, soft coral infested caverns and, above all, the collection of sponges, each twisted in to a unique Daliesque form making exclusive treats for wide-angle photographers.


The waters around Sulawesi host migrating cetaceans and other pelagics and with such collections of soft corals and sponges, keep your eyes open for other surprising encounters with elusive crustaceans and other super-macro inhabitants.


Wrecks in the north, muck in the south and some of the best hard coral gardens on the planet...A must!!!


Some of the most prolific coral life is found in Indonesian Waters around the west and south west coast of Halmahera. Bait balls attracting numerous hunters, tunas, and mackerel. A fantastic show!!


Good critters in the south and around Bacan Strait, great fish action in Goraici and Hiri. It is bound to be a hot spot and we believe the best is still to be discovered!!


The diversity of marine life in Komodo is amazing. The mix of large and small animals, reef creatures and pelagics, invertebrates and vertebrates, shallow reefs, drop-offs and drift dives produces exceptional diving, widely regarded as some of the best in the world.


'The idea of comparing dive destinations has always made us uncomfortable. But we are very comfortable saying that Komodo will provide you with some of the most memorable diving you will ever do. You will love the place!' Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock


These jewel-like islands are caressed by a convergence of swift nutrient-rich currents. Here the pulse of marine life thrives from the sea floor to the surface where the kaleidoscope of corals can start in less than a meter of water. The experience of drifting along miles of exquisitely hued reef, brimming with activity, is breathtaking.


There are sites that are so pristine and packed with growth, that a photographer is hard-pressed to find a spot to place a steadying finger. Exotic sea life and macro critters abound of course, and photo opportunities border on overwhelming.


The South Maluku are a chain of beautiful islands connecting Ambon and Timor.


Damai has conducted many trips through this incredibly rich area and the area is typified by crystal clear water, deep walls, awesome overhangs, beautiful pristine corals, huge barrel sponges and large schools of fish.


The trip is recommended for those divers looking for adventure, combining a sense of exploration, while enjoying the casual comfort, amenities and unique service that has made the Damai vessels the most desirable liveaboards in the industry.


Triton Bay's colorful reefs are fed by nutrient rich waters producing huge fields of soft corals, giant sea fans and clouds of planktonic feeding fishes. Its remote location has led to it being described as a 'species factory' by leading marine scientists; the region's dive sites are swarming with fish and almost every nook is occupied by an exotic invertebrate.


'For us, as adventurers and lovers of exotic dive travel, probably the best thing about Triton Bay is that it remains largely unexplored, and liveaboard divers still have the opportunity to dive on untouched reefs' Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock


Start Date Finish From To Destination Price PP Per night
20-05-15 07-06-15 Timika Sumba The Forgotten Islands -Alor US$550
14-06-15 21-06-15 Benoa Laboanbajo Bali -Komodo US$550
22-06-15 30-06-15 Laboanbajo laboanbajo Komodo US$550
02-07-15 09-07-15 laboanbajo Laboanbajo Komodo US$550
11-07-15 18-07-15 Laboanbajo Laboanbajo Komodo US$550
20-08-15 30-08-15 Benoa Laboanbajo Komodo -Bali US$550
03-09-15 10-09-15 Laboanbajo Laboanbajo Bali -Komodo US$550
12-09-15 27-09-15 Laboanbajo Kupang Komodo -Alor US$550
01-10-15 12-10-15 Kupang Ambon Alor -Banda Sea -The Forgotten Islands US$550
14-10-15 26-10-15 Ambon Kaimana Banda Sea -The Forgotten Islands -Triton Bay US$550
01-11-15 15-11-15 Kaimana Maumere Triton Bay -The Forgotten Islands -Alor US$550
20-11-15 02-12-15 Maumere Ambon Alor -The Forgotten Islands -Banda Sea US$550
03-12-15 12-12-15 Ambon Sorong Banda Sea -Raja Ampat US$550
13-12-15 20-12-15 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$550
21-12-15 04-01-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$550

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.


Start Date Finish From To Destination Price PP- Per night
07-01-16 14-01-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
16-01-16 23-01-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
24-01-16 04-02-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
06-02-16 13-02-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
19-02-16 02-03-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
03-03-16 14-03-16 Sorong Ternate Raja Ampat -Halmahera US$585
17-03-16 28-03-16 Ternate Sorong Raja Ampat -Halmahera US$585
30-03-16 06-04-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
10-04-16 24-04-16 Ambon Maumere Banda Sea -The Forgotten Islands -Alor US$585
29-04-16 06-05-16 Maumere Maumere Alor US$585
07-05-16 12-05-16 Maumere Maumere Alor US$585
13-05-16 24-05-16 Maumere Laboanbajo Komodo -Alor [nid:116 US$585
25-05-16 04-06-16 Laboanbajo Bali Komodo -Bali US$585
02-07-16 09-07-16 Bima Laboanbajo Komodo US$585
11-07-16 18-07-16 Laboanbajo Bima Komodo US$585
20-07-16 27-07-16 Bima Laboanbajo Komodo US$585
29-07-16 05-08-16 Laboanbajo Laboanbajo Komodo US$585
07-08-16 14-08-16 Laboanbajo Bima Komodo US$585
16-08-16 27-08-16 Bima Maumere Komodo -Alor US$585
28-08-16 08-09-16 Maumere Maumere Alor US$585
08-09-16 15-09-16 Maumere Maumere Alor US$585
19-09-16 30-09-16 Maumere Maumere Alor US$585
01-10-16 12-10-16 Maumere Ambon Alor -The Forgotten Islands US$585
13-10-16 25-10-16 Ambon Ambon Banda Sea US$585
26-10-16 07-11-16 Ambon Kaimana Banda Sea -Triton Bay US$585
09-11-16 20-11-16 Kaimana Sorong Raja Ampat -Triton Bay US$585
22-11-16 03-12-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
05-12-16 15-12-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
16-12-16 28-12-16 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
30-12-16 11-01-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.


Start Date Finish From To Destination Price PP- Per night
11-01-17 22-01-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
24-01-17 04-02-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
09-02-17 20-02-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
22-02-17 03-03-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
04-03-17 15-03-17 Sorong Kaimana Raja Ampat -Triton Bay US$585
17-03-17 29-03-17 Kaimana Sorong Raja Ampat -Triton Bay US$585
31-03-17 11-04-17 Sorong Ambon Raja Ampat -Banda Sea US$585
13-04-17 27-04-17 Ambon Kupang Alor -Banda Sea -The Forgotten Islands US$585
29-04-17 06-05-17 Kupang Maumere Alor US$585
07-05-17 18-05-17 Maumere Laboanbajo Alor -Komodo US$585
19-05-17 26-05-17 Laboanbajo Benoa Komodo -Bali US$585
23-06-17 30-06-17 Benoa Laboanbajo Komodo -Bali US$585
02-07-17 09-07-17 Laboanbajo Bima Komodo US$585
11-07-17 18-07-17 Bima Laboanbajo Komodo US$585
20-07-17 27-07-17 Laboanbajo Bima Komodo US$585
29-07-17 05-08-17 Bima Laboanbajo Komodo US$585
07-08-17 14-08-17 Laboanbajo Bima Komodo US$585
16-08-17 23-08-17 Bima Laboanbajo Komodo US$585
25-08-17 01-09-17 Laboanbajo Bima Komodo US$585
03-09-17 14-09-17 Bima Laboanbajo Komodo US$585
18-09-17 29-09-17 Bima Maumere Komodo -Alor US$585
30-09-17 10-10-17 maumere Kupang Alor US$585
11-10-17 25-10-17 Kupang Kaimana Alor -The Forgotten Islands -Triton Bay US$585
27-10-17 07-11-17 Kaimana Sorong Raja Ampat -Triton Bay US$585
09-11-17 20-11-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
22-11-17 03-12-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
05-12-17 15-12-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
17-12-17 28-12-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
30-12-17 31-12-17 Sorong Sorong Raja Ampat US$585
Start Date Finish From To Destination US$585
20-05-15 07-06-15 Timika Sumba The Forgotten Islands -Alor US$585
14-06-15 21-06-15 Benoa Laboanbajo Bali -Komodo US$585
22-06-15 30-06-15 Laboanbajo laboanbajo Komodo US$585
02-07-15 09-07-15 laboanbajo Laboanbajo Komodo US$585
11-07-15 18-07-15 Laboanbajo Laboanbajo Komodo US$585

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.