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The M.V. Maya's Dugong boasts the space and comfort of a modern yacht, combined with the durability and functionality required for scientific and long-distance expeditions. Originally built as a research vessel by the Canadian Government in 1966, the Maya's Dugong was completely retro-fitted in the early 2000s as a private yacht, before being overhauled once again in 2009 to accommodate charters and cabin cruise voyages. It now serves as an oceanographic and expedition cruising vessel throughout the Indian Ocean. Satellite communication and e-mails are available onboard for a surcharge.








Dimensions (Length/Beam/Draft): 43m/8.5m/4m

Built: Ontario, Canada (1966) to Lloyd's 100A1 Class Renovated in 2005 (Norway) & 2007 (Spain)

Hull Construction: Welded steel hull - Aluminium superstructure

Displacement: 375 tons

Inspections/Certications: Fully compliant with ag state regulations/requirements Member of International P&I club 7Passed multiple CMID audits

Primary Propulsion: Diesel B&W 600hp

Secondary Propulsion:  Aquamaster 200hp

Generators: x2 Iveco ifo 65 Kva, Mercedes 145 Kva, 380v x 3 / 220v / 110v

Cruising Speed: 8NM

Maximum Speed: 10NM

Diesel Capacity: 70,000L

Consumption at 8NM (Cruising Speed): 2,000L per day

Consumption at 4-5NM: 1,400L per day

Consumption on genset only: 480L per day

Fresh Water Capacity: 20,000L (+2 desalination systems - produces 320L per hour)

Ballast: 30,000L

Grey Water: 10,000L

Oil/Water Separator (black oil): 4,000L

Stern Working Space: 125 sq metres

Stern Crane: 50 ton/metre

Bow Working Space: 80 sq metres

Bow Crane: 2 ton/metre


Radar 1: Furuno – 96nm (12kw)

Radar 2: Furuno – 72nm (12kw)

GPS: 2x Furuno GP-31

Echo-Sounder: Furuno Plotter

Weather Fax: Furuno FCV 581

AIS: Furuno dfax

Auto pilot: Furuno

Magnetic Compass: Roberston

Satellite Gyro Compass: x2


GMDSS Area 3


2x Furuno xed VHF fm 8500

4x aicom portable VHF

Radio telephone – Furuno ssb transceiver fs-1562 15

Furuno dsc-60

Fixed Sat Phone - Iridium scanti

Portable Sat Phone - Iridium

Inmarsat C: fax/e-mail/telex

Inmarsat phone nera

Fleet Broadband 250 (internet/e-mail/voice)


2 X Life raft Zodiac 20 pax each

2 X Life raft Lalizas 12 pax each

Life Jackets X 45

Life rings X 6

Man overboard X 3



Intercom and announcing systems

Closed circuit TV (Decks/Eng room)


Various congurations are possible with multiple tenders to suit particular work proles.

4x 5.5m rigid w/1x40hp engine


Diving: PADI certified or Commercial & Leisure Diving 18 dive tanks & full sets of dive equipment 2 dive compressors

Crew: 10 crew members

Accommodation: Comfortable accommodation for up to 22 personnel (plus separate crew quarters)

Public Facilities: Fully air-conditioned dining room and saloon with connection points for computers, and outdoor dining & leisure deck



These well-appointed cabins are the largest and most comfortable that Maya's Dugong has to offer. Situated on the top two decks of the vessel, these cabins boast en-suite bathrooms/showers as well as windows from which to view the beautiful coastal surrounds. Two of the Commander Cabins feature a double-bed plus an extra single bed, while one Commander Cabin offers two single beds in the cabin.



Classic and comfortable, these cabins are situated below the main public-area decks. Complete with ensuite bathrooms/showers, there is one Explorer Cabin offering a double-bed plus a single bed, and three Explorer Cabins with two single beds and extra fold-out bunks.


Large public areas and facilities allow for maximum enjoyment of guests' time onboard Maya's Dugong. A spacious dining salon and lounge hosts guests in air conditioned comfort for meals and entertainment, and the outdoor leisure deck provides opportunities for al fresco dining and also serves as a comfortable lounge area. There is also plenty of open deck space onboard for sun bathing and relaxing, and a spacious bridge and

observation deck allow guests to take in the adventure with a captain's eye view of all the surroundings. All cabins are equipped with air conditioning, reading lights and a storage cupboard.


Also available onboard:

- Flat-screen TV in the Dining Salon/Lounge

- DVD player & Stereo

- Games, cards, small library

- Ice Machine

- Laundry Service (extra charge)


Cruises aboard Maya's Dugong are full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and also include afternoon tea/coffee and cake. A dedicated chef prepares an enticing blend of authentic Indian Ocean cuisine and traditional European fare.



Table water and tea & coffee are served with all meals. A full range of beverages are also available onboard at extra charge, including mineral water, soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits and champagne. Price list available on request.


Throughout the cruise there will be opportunities for snorkelling and kayaking, equipment for which is included in the cost of the cruise. It is recommended

that only strong swimmers and paddlers should take part in such activities near the channels of the lagoon. Please note that Aldabra is a 'no-take' nature reserve, meaning that fishing is prohibited on this cruise, and visitors are not allowed to collect shells or to damage or interfere with the plants and animals. No biological or geological specimen can be collected, and visitors are also required to abide to sanitary measures to avoid introducing alien plant seeds. All visitors to Aldabra must at all times be accompanied by an Aldabra staff member and it is not permitted to wander about unsupervised.



Maya's Dugong is a certified PADI dive resort, with a full range of equipment onboard as well as a dedicated dive instructor with vast Indian Ocean

experience. A variety of interesting dive sites will be accessible throughout the expedition, and may vary on each voyage depending on sea conditions,

visibility and itinerary timings. Drift dives in the channels are possible and are recommended for strong swimmers. Maya's Dugong features a convenient rear deck platform allowing divers to easily access the water directly from the vessel. Other dives will utilise the vessel's tender boat for dives sites which are further afield or inaccessible by Maya's Dugong.


Available onboard:

18 dive tanks (with yoke/Aclamp

valves), full dive sets for rent, 2 dive




Embarkation - The first day a two-hour flight from the main island of Mahé brings guests to Assumption Island, where passengers will embark aboard the Maya's Dugong. Afternoon dive at Assumption, and later guests will be briefed about the week's, before enjoying a welcome BBQ onboard in the evening. Assumption was laid waste by guano mining around th the turn of the 20 century. This was the fate Aldabra escaped, wiping out seabird colonies including Abbott's Booby, now restricted to Christmas Island. However, the vegetation is now slowly recovering and there are plans for the rehabilitation of the island. One day it could become a mini-Aldabra. There is a small human population, connected by air to Mahé, though flights are few and far between. There is a long, beautiful arc of coral sand on one side of the island, beyond which the marine life is very rich and diving is excellent. Shoals of snappers, butterfly fish and angelfish flit between the corals in one of the most colorful and diverse reefs of Seychelles.


Often called the jewel in the crown of Seychelles, Aldabra is the world's latest raised coral atoll and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With an area of approximately150sq km it comprises about one-third of the landmass of Seychelles, but has no human population other than the Warden and staff of the Research Station on the island of Picard. It is a tropical island wilderness, seen by only a few privileged visitors each year. It has the world's largest population of Giant Tortoise, with around 100,000 of these prehistoric survivors.

Birds include the Aldabra Rail, the last surviving flightless bird of the Indian Ocean and frigate birds. There are many plants and birds not found elsewhere and one of the world's most important breeding populations of the endangered Green Turtle. Drift diving is exceptional in the channels that fill and empty the lagoon with the tides. Shoals of fish stand sentry at these entrances to the lagoon, where sharks and other predators sweep by as they commute between the open ocean and the lagoon. In recent years, dugongs have been seen, a sign that this rare mammal may one day return to breed in Seychelles. We visit the Aldabra Research station, the mangroves forests, the booby colony at Johnny Channel and the world's second largest colony of frigatebirds (10,000 pairs of two species, Great Frigatebird and Lesser Frigatebird). Many of the endemic land birds can be seen ashore, including Aldabra Drongo, Aldabra Fody and Madagascar Sacred Ibis and Aldabra Rail, together with the world's largest population of giant tortoises. We will dive and snorkel the main channel, the West Channel and Johnny Channel, experiencing the exhilaration of being swept along by the shoals, observing both pelagic and reef fish in the shallow waters of the lagoon, and it is possible to snorkel at the mangroves forest and the channel in high tide.


A visit to Cosmoledo is comparable to one to Aldabra but in some ways, Cosmoledo even surpasses this famous atoll in its extreme atmosphere of

remoteness. The island is uninhabited and very rarely visited by the outside world. There are some bird species on Cosmoledo not found on Aldabra, including enormous seabird colonies with Seychelles largest populations of Red-footed Booby, Masked Booby and Sooty Tern. A race of Madagascar White-eye (named menaienis) is unique to the island. It is the last breeding site for Brown Booby, extinct everywhere else in the islands. The diving is also excellent and the marine life is very rich. The corals have survived here more in tact than elsewhere in the western Indian Ocean. Many turtles can be seen, including very young ones, in the shallow waters of the lagoon, close to the main island of Menai. Cosmoledo has also gained a reputation as one of the world's best flyfishing sites, yet it has remained off limits to all but a few determined enthusiasts because of the difficulties of reaching this lonely outpost. We visit the deserted settlement and dive the West Island of Cosmoledo (Menai) where turtles abound.


Astove is surrounded by deep waters where many a ship has come to grief on its treacherous reefs. The fringing reef averages about 250 meters from the shoreline and beyond this, the floor plummets steeply. This wall of corals is probably the best dive site in the Indian Ocean and indeed has been rated by diving experts as one of the finest dive sites in the world. Hundreds of species of fish, Green Turtles andeven the anchors of wrecked ships are to be seen. Snorkeling is also excellent on the edge of the drop off.  Ashore there are graves of shipwrecked sailors, bleached turtle bones and abandoned buildings including the residence of a former Manager. Laid out around a courtyard in the style of a Moorish palace, it must once have been an impressive if somewhat incongruous sight on a remote Indian Ocean island. A short walk across the island leads to the shallow lagoon where Caspian Terns, rare encountered in an ocean setting, dive for fish. We visit the old manager’s house including the incongruous Veevers-Carter house and old chapel, then cross the island to the lagoon. We dive the West walls.


Disembarkation on Assumption. Flight back to Mahe.


*Note: All above itinerary may change due to weather conditions and the captain's discretion


Departure date Nights Commander cabin p/p Explorer cabin p/ p Total Landing Fees p/p Private domestic flight (IDC) Mahe-Assumpion-Mahe p/p
11.12.2015 9 $7058 $6727 $1375 $2875
20.12.2015 7 $5530 $5232 $875 $2875

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.




Inhabited by a handful of humans, dominated by birds and tortoises the outer islands of Seychelles start to appear after few days crossing from Mahé. For the experienced scuba divers, the different groups of islands are offering some of the best dives in the Indian Ocean, maybe in the world according to some…


Each island has its very own diving.

A “scuba heaven” for macro photographers, the reefs of Cosmoledo will leave you speechless.

Divers in need of adrenaline will find it drifting in the main channel of Aldabra. Once you are in the tidal current, you will realize how alive the lagoon is. Excellent diving skills are required in this diving realm.

With visibility reaching 60 meters in Assomption, you will see the sea bottom from the M/V Maya’s Dugong and just want to go in the deep blue.

The pristine coral condition of Astove‘s walls show us a untouched environment. When you have the chance to discover such a preserved environment, you wish the rest of the world to witness mother Earth’s creation. Those walls are like if they were made for us, divers. Dropping to crazy depths, we terminate the dive in 5 meters of water and still on the reef after an hour, using 12 liters aluminum scuba tanks.

Wherever we jump into the water, marine life surrounds us. Schools of colorful Fusiliers and Yellow snappers will join us throughout the dive, curious Potatoe groupers will show us their territory, intrigued Hammerheads sharks, Grey Reef sharks and Silver Tip will pass by and countless sea turtles will lazily try to avoid us.

Drift diving is the only way to dive the outer islands. Once you back roll from the tender, you enter into the diving paradise. We will dive during low and high tides to increase the chances to encounter as many fish species as possible. The night dives are rewarding also. Picturing the Spanish dancers is priceless. Experienced and knowledgeable dive guides with excellent safety standards will introduce you to the best dive sites, some of them only known by a few.


We do up to 4 dives a day, sometimes jumping from M/V Maya’s Dugong. We like to plan a before breakfast dive, evening briefings are to give the most information for the upcoming day. With a water temperature of 28/29°C, just a short wetsuit will do the job.


Map showing scuba diving sites in Aldabra, Seychelles accessible with The MV Mayas Dugong Liveaboard