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The Palau Aggressor II was built to U.S. Coast Guard standards in 1994 with a full complement of safety equipment. She is a 32m (106ft) 18-passenger catamaran providing comfort, safety and stability The salon is attractively furnished, featuring a well-stocked library and entertainment centre with large screen TV and DVD/CD player with all video camera capabilities. There are 8 Deluxe staterooms with queen size bed plus upper single bunk, and 1 smaller twin share cabin, all located on the main deck. All staterooms feature en-suite bathrooms with hair dryers and large picture windows. They are individually climate-controlled, fully carpeted, with generous storage space. Each cabin has a TV/DVD set-up. Each diver has there own personal dive station complete with seat and locker. Most dives are made from the tender. This 9m (30ft) tender accommodates all divers. Each diver has a tank rack and seat on the tender. All tanks are filled in place with either air or nitrox. Palau has been an Aggressor destination since 1990.








Palau Aggressor Liveaboard deck plan showing, main deck, upper deck andsun deck


Length: 106ft

Passengers: 18

Crew:  6

Twin diesel engines on all steel and aluminum yachts

Two or more generators, 110-208 ac voltage, each capable of supplying the yachts needs independently

Two SCUBA air compressors with cascade storage

Nitrox membrane system  with cascade storage

Watermaker with ample storage

Support dinghies with outboard motors for shore excursions and scuba diving


Hang bar for safety stops (where necessary)

Complete First Aid Kit and medical supplies

D.A.N. Oxygen System with 100% demand regulator

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

Fire and Smoke Detection Systems

Fire extinguishers and Fire Fighting Equipment

406 EPIRB – Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

Life rafts & rescue craft

Life jackets equipped with lights and whistles for all passengers and crew

Full Complement of Safety and Rescue Equipment

Emergency flares



Magnetic Compass

Depth sounders

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)


Multiple VHF radios

Long Range Single Side Band Radio

Satellite Phone (where necessary)

Satellite Email (where necessary)


Shore excursions to cays and beaches (where available)

Snorkeling and scuba diving

Digital underwater photography

Entertainment center, featuring a TV, DVD, stereo player and an assortment of movies and books


Partially covered sun deck with chaise lounges, complete wet bar, CD Stereo player, and hot tub *

BBQ grill area

Full-service galley, freezer, and refrigerator storage

Comfortable swim platform with (2) warm freshwater showers, fin storage and (2) water exit ladders

Dive deck with personal gear lockers for in-place air/nitrox fill stations, rinse tanks and camera table with low pressure air hoses

Scuba diving equipment rentals and complimentary “loaners” if your equipment malfunctions or is delayed

Weights, weight belts, 80 cu. ft. aluminum tanks with  standard  yoke valves

DIN adapters *



Palau's mushroom-shaped rock islands offer a variety of exciting dives: WWII wrecks, shark-infested channels, blue holes, a freshwater lake with stingless jellyfish and even a few caves. There are also sheer walls covered in lush soft corals and huge anemones. Beginner divers may find Palau's strong currents challenging.

Palau is a year round destination with something for every season.  While German Channel has many resident Manta Rays, during the mating season, December through March, Dancer guests may see as many as 20 – 30 rays!  February and March offer large schools of Moorish Idols, Unicorn Fish and several species of Butterfly Fish.  All year round, the Palau Aggressor crew encounters massive bait balls of scad in and around Ulong and German Channel and on the reefs of Blue Corner and Siaes Corner.

All dives are made from the 18-passenger dive skiff, which is lowered into the water by a hydraulic cradle. Seven-day charters are Sunday to Sunday with five days and one-half days of diving. Diving begins Monday morning and ends Saturday before lunch when the Dancer returns to port. Monday through Friday there are four dives offered each day and a night dive on three evenings.  Saturday a half-day of diving is offered.


Getting There, Passports & Visa Documentation:

Palau is located 900 miles southwest of Guam and 400 miles south of Yap, at the westernmost edge of Micronesia.  Palau is north of New Guinea and east of the Philippines.  It is surrounded by warm, tropical water with spectacular reefs, walls and wrecks, making Palau a diver’s paradise.

Airlines fly into Koror (ROR) International Airport: United, Delta, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and China Air.

Visitors must have a current passport, adequate funds to support themselves, and a return airline ticket. US citizens require a passport that must be valid for 6 months from date of entry. It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper visa to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country for the requirement.



Guests arriving at the Koror (ROR) International Airport on Sunday evening will be greeted by a uniformed crewmember or a Neco Tourist Agent.  There are no phones or taxis at the small airport so we may assist in your transfer to the yacht.  If you are already on island, you may board the Palau Aggressor II at any time after 4 pm on Sunday. Guests may board the boat up until Monday morning, the boat departs the dock at 6:00 am - 6:30. The Palau Aggressor II docks at the Neco Marine (Malakai) Harbor in Palau.  After a week of diving the Palau Aggressor II returns to the dock Saturday afternoon after lunch.  Checkout is Sunday morning at 8 am. The crew will assist organizing transportation to either the airport or a local hotel if you are extending your stay.


Taxes & Fees:

USD $210 Port Fee (paid onboard) and a USD $50 departure tax and “Green Fee” (paid in cash at the airport). MC/Visa accepted onboard.



Not included in the charter price.  transfers through Neco Marine are prearranged


- Airport to Yacht for guest arriving the day of boarding $15 per person (if not transferring from a hotel)


- Yacht to Airport, day of disembarkation $15 per person


- Hotel to Yacht the day of boarding $5 per person


- Yacht to Hotel the day of disembarkation $5 per person


 Guests can pay Neco Marine while on the bus or they can pay at the Neco Marine store at the end of their trip.


Taxis are not readily available at the Koror airport. All transportation must be pre-arranged.


~ Rates are quoted in USD per person for 7 night packages unless stated. ~ Single Supplement/Private Stateroom: 65% surcharge on full charter rate. Guarantees an individual traveler a private room.

Start Date End Date # Days Type Booking details Deluxe Cabin Double Cabin
02-01-2015 02-08-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
02-08-2015 02-15-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
02-15-2015 02-22-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
02-22-2015 03-01-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
03-01-2015 03-08-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
03-08-2015 03-15-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
03-15-2015 03-22-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
03-22-2015 03-29-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
03-29-2015 04-05-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
04-05-2015 04-12-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
04-12-2015 04-19-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
04-19-2015 04-26-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
04-26-2015 05-03-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
05-03-2015 05-10-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
05-10-2015 05-17-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
05-17-2015 05-24-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
05-24-2015 05-31-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
05-31-2015 06-07-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
06-07-2015 06-14-2015 7 Palau/Palau Dive the World 25% Off $3135 $2935
06-14-2015 06-21-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
06-21-2015 06-28-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
06-28-2015 07-08-2015 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
07-09-2015 07-19-2015 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
07-19-2015 07-26-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
07-26-2015 08-02-2015 7 Palau/Palau Groups Only (Half or Whole Boat) FULL FULL
08-02-2015 08-09-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
08-09-2015 08-16-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
08-16-2015 08-23-2015 7 Palau/Palau Dive the World 25% Off $3135 $2935
08-23-2015 08-30-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
08-30-2015 09-06-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
09-06-2015 09-13-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
09-13-2015 09-20-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
09-20-2015 09-27-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
09-27-2015 10-04-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
10-04-2015 10-14-2015 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
10-15-2015 10-25-2015 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
10-25-2015 11-01-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
11-01-2015 11-08-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3135 $2935
11-08-2015 11-15-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
11-15-2015 11-22-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
11-22-2015 11-29-2015 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
11-29-2015 12-09-2015 10 Palau/Palau Individuals POR POR
12-10-2015 12-20-2015 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
12-20-2015 12-27-2015 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3135 $2935
12-27-2015 01-03-2016 7 Palau/Palau Group Only (Whole boat) FULL FULL

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.


~ Rates are quoted in USD per person for 7 night packages unless stated. ~ Single Supplement/Private Stateroom: 65% surcharge on full charter rate. Guarantees an individual traveler a private room.

Start Date End Date # Days Type Booking details Deluxe Cabin Double Cabin
01-03-2016 01-10-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
01-10-2016 01-17-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
01-17-2016 01-24-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
01-24-2016 01-31-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
01-31-2016 02-07-2016 7 Palau/Palau Aqua Lung Demo Week $3335 $3135
02-07-2016 02-14-2016 7 Palau/Palau Group Only (Whole boat) FULL FULL
02-14-2016 02-21-2016 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
02-21-2016 02-28-2016 7 Palau/Palau Whole Group FULL FULL
02-28-2016 03-06-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
03-06-2016 03-13-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
03-13-2016 03-20-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
03-20-2016 03-27-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
03-27-2016 04-03-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
04-03-2016 04-10-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
04-10-2016 04-17-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
04-17-2016 04-24-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
04-24-2016 05-01-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
05-01-2016 05-08-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
05-08-2016 05-15-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
05-15-2016 05-22-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
05-22-2016 05-29-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
05-29-2016 06-05-2016 7 Palau/Palau Solo Travelers Week $3335 $3135
06-05-2016 06-15-2016 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
06-16-2016 06-26-2016 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
06-26-2016 07-03-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
07-03-2016 07-10-2016 7 Palau/Palau Group Only (Whole boat) FULL FULL
08-18-2016 08-28-2016 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
08-28-2016 09-04-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
09-04-2016 09-11-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
09-11-2016 09-18-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
09-18-2016 09-25-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
09-25-2016 10-02-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
10-02-2016 10-12-2016 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
10-13-2016 10-23-2016 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
10-23-2016 10-30-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
10-30-2016 11-06-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
11-06-2016 11-13-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
11-13-2016 11-20-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
11-20-2016 11-27-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
11-27-2016 12-04-2016 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135
12-04-2016 12-14-2016 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
12-15-2016 12-25-2016 10 Palau/Palau 10 nights at 9 night rate POR POR
12-25-2016 01-01-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3335 $3135

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.


~ Rates are quoted in USD per person for 7 night packages unless stated. ~ Single Supplement/Private Stateroom: 65% surcharge on full charter rate. Guarantees an individual traveler a private room.

Start Date End Date # Days Type Booking details Deluxe Cabin Double Cabin
01-01-2017 01-08-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
01-08-2017 01-15-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
01-15-2017 01-22-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
01-22-2017 01-29-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
01-29-2017 02-05-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
02-05-2017 02-12-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
02-12-2017 02-19-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
02-19-2017 02-26-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
02-26-2017 03-05-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
03-05-2017 03-12-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
03-12-2017 03-19-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
03-19-2017 03-26-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals - Group 1 $3535 $3335
03-26-2017 04-02-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
04-02-2017 04-09-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
04-09-2017 04-16-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
04-16-2017 04-23-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
04-23-2017 04-30-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
04-30-2017 05-07-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
05-07-2017 05-14-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
05-14-2017 05-21-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
05-21-2017 05-28-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
05-28-2017 06-04-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
06-04-2017 06-11-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
06-11-2017 06-18-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
06-18-2017 06-25-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
06-25-2017 07-02-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
07-02-2017 07-09-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
07-09-2017 07-16-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
07-16-2017 07-23-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
07-23-2017 07-30-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
07-30-2017 08-06-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
08-06-2017 08-13-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
08-13-2017 08-20-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
08-20-2017 08-27-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
08-27-2017 09-03-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
09-03-2017 09-10-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
09-10-2017 09-17-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
09-17-2017 09-24-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
09-24-2017 10-01-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
10-01-2017 10-08-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
10-08-2017 10-15-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
10-15-2017 10-22-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335
10-22-2017 10-29-2017 7 Palau/Palau Individuals $3535 $3335

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.




Big Drop-Off

Palau Dive SitesA wall dive that begins as shallow as 2' at low tide and drops to 600'. It is considered by most to be the most beautiful wall dive in Palau because of its abundance of hard and soft corals, seafans, schools of pyramid butterflyfish, and a multitude of tropical reef fish.


Blue Corner

 The best known and most highly rated dive site in Micronesia features a shallow coral shelf that projects out into the ocean and has vertical walls on both sides. An upwelling created by the currents attracts schools of fish and large pelagics to the top edges of the walls. The dive is best known for its schools of gray reef sharks that cruise the edge of the wall. Two resident Napoleon wrasses often accompany the divers throughout their dive. Dogtooth tuna, eagle rays, manta rays, white tip and hammerhead sharks, turtles, schooling barracudas, and schools of reef fish populate the site.


Blue Holes

 This is a series of four large holes in the top of the reef that converge to form a gigantic underwater chamber. The chamber has a huge opening on a wall that is home to soft corals, sea fans, sea whips and hard corals. Large pelagics often encountered here include tuna, jacks, gray and white tip reef sharks, barracuda and eagle rays. Grouper, Napoleon wrasse, triggerfish, Moorish idols, butterflyfish, anemones and turtles are common at this site, which is situated next to Blue Corner.


Chandelier Caves

 A short swim through a tunnel at depth of 35' opens into a cave consisting of three chambers. Beautiful stalactites formed by water dripping down through the rock island above, hang from the ceilings and give the caves their name. Tiny holes to the outside wood allow fresh air to enter the chambers so that divers can surface and admire the beautiful surroundings.


Denges Passage

 This natural channel, situated on Palau's eastern coast, is home to an entire family of cuttlefish. The uncommon creatures, related to the squid family, are as accommodating to photographers as they are rare. They are not often encountered by divers because of the relatively few locations in he world where they can be found, their ability to remain relatively motionless, and their excellent camouflage.


German Channel

 This man-made channel through the southwest side of the barrier reef is home to two diving areas. One site, known as Manta Rock, is a natural cleaning station where giant manta rays come to have their bodies cleansed of parasites and debris by cleaner wrasses. Gray reef sharks also often avail themselves of the wrasses' services. The area is also inhabited by barracudas, snappers, titan triggerfish, gobies, lionfish, leaffish, and an octopus. Nearby is a coral garden that features crocodile fish, nudibranchs, flatworms, anemones and clownfish.


Jellyfish Lake

 (Please check with your dive shop or travel agent before your trip for the status of the lake. The government of Palau has closed the lake on occasion for environmental reasons.) This is the most unusual snorkel in the world! After a short but breathtakingly beautiful climb along a forested trail, you snorkel in a clearwater lake filled with nearly two million jellyfish. Fissures in the limestone island allow for the transfer of saltwater from the ocean, yet keep other forms of aquatic life outside. Due to a lack of predators, the jellyfish have evolved to point where they have no ability to sting.


New Drop-Off

 Halfway between Blue Corner and Big Drop-Off, this vertical wall is similar to Blue Corner in that it is a shallow shelf that juts out into the ocean, catching the current and creating an upwelling that attracts schools of pyramid butterflyfish and barracudas, along with a number of gray reef sharks. The steep wall is covered with soft corals and seafans.


Ngedebus Coral Gardens

 One of the best collections of hard corals in the Pacific, this dive features a spur and groove reef structure that supports turtles, cuttlefish, anemones, tridacna clams, white tip reef sharks, and thousands of small schooling fish.



 The island of Ngerchong, just beyond Denges Passage has two dive sites nearby: Ngerchong Outside and Ngerchong Coral Gardens. Ngerchong Outside is a sloping wall dive featuring sea fans, anemones, soft corals and many hard coral formations. Sharks, bumphead parrotfish, and schooling fish are frequently seen here, as well as an occasional manta ray. The Coral Gardens, also known as Ngerchong Inside, is probably the best dive in Palau for seeing an abundance and variety of hard corals. Table coral, staghorn coral, elkhorn coral, mushroom coral and brain coral are just some of the varieties of corals found here. In addition, many anemones with clownfish, along with cuttlefish, turtles and other fish thrive here. This dive can be enjoyed at any depth between 10' and 80'.



 The island of Peleliu, at the southern tip of the main archipelago of Palau, is bordered by magnificent walls. The dive sites include Peleliu Corner, Yellow Wall, and Orange Beach, among others. Peleliu dive sites are mainly steep walls covered with sea fans, sea whips, hard corals and anemones, but dominated by soft corals. Peleliu is an excellent place to observe large pelagic life, particularly sharks.


Short Drop-Off

 A sloping wall just outside the entrance to Koror Harbor that is covered with giant seafans. The top of the wall is a beautiful coral garden loaded with tropical fish and invertebrates.


Siaes Tunnel

 An extraordinary deep dive on the west side of the Palau, close to the Ulong Channel. The dive begins on a sheer wall with the opening of the tunnel starting at 70'. You enter through an opening, which is about 50' across and 20' high, and swim through the tunnel, which parallels the wall for 150'. The inside of the tunnel is a large cavern with a ceiling at 80-90' and the floor at 120-130'. Halfway through the tunnel is a "Window" in the wall that looks out onto the deep blue. You exit through a large opening on the wall at 80'. Stingrays, turtles, schools of jacks, and sharks can be seen in and around the tunnel.


Ulong Channel

 This channel is located on the west side of Palau, close to Siaes Tunnel and Wall. Its entrance is surrounded by walls that are topped by beautiful coral gardens. On the incoming tide, the mouth of the channel is filled with gray reef sharks. The channel extends for a distance of approximately one-half mile, averaging 100' in width. The maximum depth is about 60'. Coral covered walls run the length of the channel on either side. A shallow ridge running the center of the channel is blanketed with soft corals, hard corals, sea fans, and anemones. Unique to this site is a huge patch of plate coral resembling lettuce leaves that is home to schools of squirrelfish, soldierfish and glasseyes. The current provides a gentle push, resulting in a beautiful, leisurely ride along the channel.


Wonder Channel

 Located within the rock islands just a short distance from Jellyfish Lake and Clam City, this channel is best dived on the east side along a wall that starts at the surface and reaches a depth of 80'. Soft corals, sea fans, anemones, blue and red starfish, crown of thorns star-fish, crabs, pipefish, and a large variety of sea slugs, flat worms and nudibranchs can be found along this wall.


Wreck of the Iro Maru

 A 145' long merchant ship sunk during World War II by American bombers, the Iro Maru sits upright in 120' of water just 10 minutes south of Koror. Three mast and gun turrets at the bow and stern support a large variety of invertebrates and hard corals. The main deck is at a depth of 80'with open holds containing oil drums and machinery.


Map of Palau Scuba Diving Sites available on the Palau Aggressor Liveaboard