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The Sea Hunter is a 115 foot boat which combines a large platform, functionality and powerful machinery of a workboat and the comfortable and relaxed interior of a modern yacht. She is specifically designed and built for long range expeditions to destinations like Cocos and Malpalo islands. It is a spacious boat that every serious diver and photographer could wish for with individual gear storage including 20 personal lockers for cameras and strobes. She has 10 guest cabins with private bathrooms and individual air conditioning on the lower deck. The main deck houses the study which has a TV, VCR, DVD and personal computer. The dining room has 5 four person booths providing a menu combination of American and Costa Rican cuisine.  There is also the comfortable lounge to relax in. The upper deck houses a further two suites and a stunning 1000 square foot sun deck, perfect for BBQ’s, dancing and relaxing under the stars.Each of our vessels has hard fiber skiffs which are custom built and have space to secure your tank and can fit 10 divers plus dive guide and driver.  Each skiff also has a metal ladder and rooftop. Although this vessel maybe more expensive, its popularity amongst repeat divers as well as professional photographers, professional film crews and conservation organisations ensures you receive a far superior diving experience.  We also offer a submersible experience (at an extra charge) to all our passengers.







Deck plan of Sea Hunter Liveaboard showing , upper deck, lower deck and main deck



Length:  115 ft / 36 m

Beam:  26 ft / 8.1 m

Draft:  8 ft / 2.5 m

Displacement:  250 tons

Construction:  welded steel with teak work deck

Engines:  twin GM 16V92 / 1200 total hp

Cruising Speed:  9.5 knots

Maximum Speed:  10 knots

Range:  3,500 nautical miles

Endurance:  30 days (limited by food supply)

Tenders:  Two 24 ft heavy duty fiberglass dive boats

17 ft rigid bottom inflatable

Portable Generators:  GM 6-71 75kw

John Deere 105kw

Portable Generator 5kw

Available Voltage:  110/220 VAC

60 Hz

3-phase 208 VAC

12 VDC

Fuel Tank:  20,000 US gallons (78 tons)

Water Tank:  15,000 gallons (60 tons) 1,800 gallons/day water maker


Two 25 person life-rafts.

Complete boat, crew and passenger safety gear.

Firefighting system throughout vessel.

Extensive first aid kit.

20 personal diver locator systems.

All divers are provided with a nautilus lifeline gps, and a safety kit including sausage, whistle and torch.


Scuba Compressors:  2 HP compressors

1 nitrox generator

Scuba Tanks: 30 aluminum 80 cu/ft tanks

2640 cu/ft high-pressure storage bank

Technical Diving:  Full oxygen, nitrox included and rebreather service.

Passengers must bring their own rebreathers.


3 GPS (Global Positioning Systems)

2 Radars (48 and 32 mile)

2 recording fathometers

Radio Direction Finder SIMRAD

Auto pilot

2 VHF radios

3 handheld VHF radios,

SSB radio (SEA 222)

Multi-system televisions, CD stereo and DVD player.


Desktop Computer

Starlit Telephone


20 personal dive gear boxes, 20 personal camera lockers with stabilized and surge protected 110v outlets.

Air conditioning throughout the vessel

Washing machines and dryers, as well as two refrigerators and ice makers.

12-ton deck mounted crane (55-ft reach).

33 ft by 24 ft (10.3m by 7.4 m) work deck space.

44 ft by 24-ft sundeck (1000 sq. ft.) and lounge chairs.

Fully equipped workshop with arc welding and oxy-acetylene cutting equipment/supplies.

Guest Accommodations:  For 20 guests 10 double cabins, all with heads and showers.

Crew Accommodations:  For 14 crew members - 7 crew cabins and 3 crew heads.



Day 1 - Upon arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica, you will need to take a taxi or have us prearrange land transportation from the airport to your hotel. There are plenty of taxis available at the airport, even big cars for those of you who carry a lot of gear. The land transportation vehicles are spacious shuttle busses. The same evening, the SEA HUNTER representative will fax you to confirm your pick up time, the next day. Evening at your leisure.


Day 2 - You will be picked up at your hotel and transferred by bus to Puntarenas, a seaport village where the SEA HUNTER boards its passengers. That afternoon, you will begin the cruise to


Cocos Island.


Day 3 - All day of travel. There will be ample time to arrange dive and camera gear. The cruise gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with the other divers.


Days 4 to 9 - Spent diving the pinnacles around the perimeter of Cocos Island. Divers usually average three dives per day at depths of 60-100' or more. Water temperature of approximately 78-82F (27-30C). It will also be possible to do at least three night dives during the trip.


Day 10 - Make the last 3 dives before the cruise back to Costa Rica and reality!


Day 11 - All day to discuss the diving and to compare your adventures!


Day 12 - Arrival in Puntarenas. Immediately after breakfast you will be transported back to San Jose. Upon arrival in San Jose we recommend that you spend an additional hotel night prior to departing the country.


 Diving Schedule


Our goal is to introduce you to varied and exciting dives. Generally, we have two dives scheduled for the morning, 8 AM and 11 AM and another dive after lunch, around 2.30 PM. During the trip it will also be possible to do at least three night dives. This schedule can vary depending on events, circumstances and opportunities that may present themselves. Our motto is never turn your back on a magnificent bait-ball, which can appear at almost anytime.

Once a thorough briefing from our dive-masters has been given onboard the mothership, our guests jump onto their respective skiffs and zip out to the chosen sites. Each support boat accommodates up to nine divers plus driver and dive-master, who always dives with the group. After a short ride, each of the skiffs will reach a different dive site that is alternated on the following dive, allowing the two groups to dive the same areas but at different times of the day. On the way to or from the planned dive sites it is very common for our skiff drivers to seek out the best spots for memorable surface experiences. To watch dolphins, mantas, whales, a promising bait-ball or just cruise up to some of the islands most beautiful attractions, which are only reachable by small skiff. Between dives or when time permits, guests are welcome use the sea kayaks, go for a swim, snorkel around the boat, or just chill-out and watch movies.



•The individual price does include:

•Accommodation on board

•All meals

•All non alcoholic drinks and beer

•Divemaster service

•Three dives per day with all nitrox fills, tanks and weights.

•Seven full days of action packed diving.


From To Location Duration Rate
26.03.2015 05.04.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
08.04.2015 18.04.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
21.04.2015 01.05.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
04.05.2015 14.05.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
17.05.2015 28.05.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5995.00
30.05.2015 11.06.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $6495.00
14.06.2015 24.06.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
26.06.2015 06.07.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
09.07.2015 19.07.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
22.07.2015 02.08.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5995.00
05.08.2015 15.08.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
18.08.2015 28.08.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
31.08.2015 10.09.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
13.09.2015 23.09.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
27.09.2015 07.10.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
10.10.2015 20.10.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
23.10.2015 02.11.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
05.11.2015 15.11.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
18.11.2015 28.11.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
01.12.2015 11.12.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
14.12.2015 24.12.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
27.12.2015 06.01.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5445.00
2015 2016 Boat full charter x 20 people 10 days $89,577

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.


From To Location Duration Rate
17.02.2016 27.02.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
01.03.2016 11.03.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
14.03.2016 24.03.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
27.03.2016 06.04.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
09.04.2016 19.04.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
22.04.2016 02.05.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
05.05.2016 16.05.2015 Cocos Islands 10 days $6195.00
19.05.2016 29.05.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
01.06.2016 11.06.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
14.06.2016 24.06.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
28.06.2016 09.07.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $6195.00
11.07.2016 22.07.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $6195.00
25.07.2016 04.08.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
07.08.2016 17.08.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
20.08.2016 30.08.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
02.09.2016 12.09.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
15.09.2016 25.09.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
28.09.2016 08.10.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
11.10.2016 21.10.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
25.10.2016 04.11.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
07.11.2016 17.11.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
22.11.2016 02.12.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
04.12.2016 14.12.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
16.12.2016 26.12.2016 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
31.12.2016 10.01.2017 Cocos Islands 10 days $5645.00
2016 2016 Boat full charter x 20 people 10 days $89,577

Note: Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation from us.




A distinctive and remote diving location, Cocos Island is for the serious diver! Cocos Island has retained its pristine appearance both above and below the ocean's surface. Cocos is a very lush, rugged tropical island that is preserved as one of Costa Rica's National Parks. It is a long voyage to the island, but one that serious divers are happy to make. The experiences one will have on this trip are sure to spice up any logbook. Once aboard the SEA HUNTER, the cruise to Cocos Island takes 30-34 hours and culminates with breathtaking views of numerous waterfalls. Diving here is just short of unbelievable. In the waters of Cocos Island, you will dive with white tips and hammerhead sharks, marbled stingrays approaching 6' in diameter, manta rays up to 12' across, giant moray eels and an occasional whale shark! Additionally, you will see Moorish idols, large schools of jacks and tuna, creole fish, lobsters, octopus and other various reef life. Silky sharks, silver tips, sailfish, marlin, and green turtles are also in the area. The key word in describing Cocos Island diving is ACTION! ! ! If you are looking for adventure, it's here! Conditions around Cocos are varied. The one constant factor at Cocos is change. Currents are at times strong and unusually changeable. Diving could become strenuous, but not more than any experienced diver could handle. Visibility averages 80-100' with occasional extremes of 40 and 120'. With this in mind, be prepared for some of the best diving of your life. Visibility averages 80-100’ with occasional extremes of 40